Friday, June 13, 2008

Love That Dog

Creech, Sharon. 2001. Love that dog. New York: Harper Collins.

I recently finished reading this book with a discussion group whose members vary in age from young teen to young adult. The book went over fairly well and all members seemed to enjoy it, as we alternated between reading aloud, reading at home, and listening to the audio version.

Love That Dog tells the story of a young boy coping with the death of his dog, Sky. The story is written in the form of a school journal in which the protagonist, Jack, writes notes or assignments for his teacher, Mrs. Stretchberry. Mrs. Stretchberry is teaching poetry. Over a period of months, Jack learns to cope with the death of his dog and becomes more confident and self-assured in his own writing ability through a series of writing exercises. The book introduces the reader to famous poets and poetry, notably Robert Frost and William Carlos Williams. Much of the book is also centered around poet and author, Walter Dean Myers, who visits Jack's school.

Several of the group members professed a liking for the audio version, read by Scott Wolf.

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