Wednesday, June 11, 2008

No More Dead Dogs

Korman, Gordon. 2000. No more dead dogs. New York: Hyperion.


Why does the dog always die in the end?

Wallace Wallace is tired of reading books that end with a dead dog. When his assignment is to write a positive review of Old Shep, My Pal, the honest Wallace Wallace just can't write it. So instead of working out with the football team, he finds himself assigned to after school detention in the gym with Mr. Fogelman, the drama club director, where the club is rehearsing for the new school play, "Old Shep, My Pal." Stubborn Wallace Wallace is determined to resist writing the review no matter how many detentions it takes. He stands his ground, but a change comes over him. Can he actually be starting to care about the drama club nerds and their stupid play?

There's nothing in the script to tell him what to do when the football team turns against him and the play is sabotaged. Drama Club president, Rachel Turner, is sure that Wallace is the saboteur. Will Wallace's famous honesty be his undoing? And what about Shep? Does the dog always die in the end?

Read No More Dead Dogs and find out! Your teacher didn't assign this book!

A perfect light book for summer reading. Enter Wallace Wallace -complete with a Cast of Characters, No More Dead Dog's chapters are written in the alternating voices of Wallace Wallace, Rachel Turner, Mr. Fogelman and other members of Wallace's school. Best for middle schoolers.

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