Monday, June 23, 2008

Riding with the Mail: The story of the Pony Express

Thompson, Gare. 2007. Riding with the mail: The story of the Pony Express.

This book is part of the National Geographic History Chapters series, and is an excellent short introduction to the inspiration, inception, mechanics, and ultimate demise of the famous, yet short-lived Pony Express.

The short chapters and larger print make this an easy read for younger students, grades 3-6. Small "Did You Know?" textboxes add interesting facts. "The letters that the Pony Express riders carried were written on lightweight paper. The letters were wrapped in oiled silk cloth to protect the paper from being damaged in bad weather."

Captioned illustrations include period photos, advertisements and art.
A Report Guide, Glossary, Further Reading, and Index complete this non-fiction book for young readers.

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