Monday, July 21, 2008

My Baby & Me

Reiser, Lynn. 2008. My baby & me. Ill. by Penny Gentieu. New York: Knopf.

New babies may seem like they can't do much, but My Baby & Me will convince any child that his new sibling can be great delight! With simple text,

You can crawl?
Watch me go. I go fast -
You go slow!

I can read.
Here's my book.
I can show you.
Look, look, look!

older siblings can see the joy of having a younger brother or sister. Side-by-side with building blocks, bottles, sipper cups, car seats, and blocks, siblings are depicted spending time with each other.

The photographs by Penny Gentieu are superb! Each double-page spread has a single color background that does not detract from the photos of brother/sister, sister/sister and brother/brother combinations. Photos show children with diverse racial backgrounds, and the they patiently and soothingly depict the reality of having an infant sibling. There are no forced poses or smiles. These are photos of earnest infants looking, laughing. and pondering with an older sibling - and no insinuation that they can do much more. And yet, My Baby & Me is able to convey the loving bond between very young children and new siblings.

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