Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stone Rabbit: BC Mambo

Craddock, Erik. 2009.BC Mambo (Stone Rabbit series). New York: Random House.

BC Mambo is the first in a graphic novel series (Stone Rabbit) by Erik Craddock. When this book arrived in my new book bag, it screamed out, "READ ME!" The bright colors, large-eyed creatures, and big-toothed hero are definite attention-getters, but there's more to Stone Rabbit than a flashy little cover.

The series begins in Happy Glades and our long-eared hero is bored to tears, when suddenly -
a portal opens up in his bathroom,

"Well, that's odd. You'd think I'd know if there was a bottomless pit of doom in the middle of my bathroom -- Besides the toilet ..."

Along with a bottle of barbecue sauce, he falls into the pit of doom and lands in the Neanderthal world where he finds himself to be its only possible savior,
as the evil Willie plans to take over the world ....

with barbecue sauce???

Unobtrusively moralistic (can you really rule the world with HAMBURGERS?!) and very funny, this series has great potential. It is short on dialogue and long on action. Most pages have only one or two frames, and several are double-spreads of prehistoric action.

According to Random House, this series is targeted at five to ten-year-olds. I think that the humor and dialogue,

"Behold! Willie's Big Burger Hut! My legacy! Bask in its majesty!"

will be above a five-year-old's level of understanding, but little readers may be drawn in to the book's small size, vivid colors and expressive characters, nonetheless. Eight to ten-year-olds should feel right at home traveling through time with Stone Rabbit.

I think this series will be a winner. I'm going to put this book on the shelf and see if I'm right.

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