Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Funke, Cornelia. 2005. Inkspell. Read by Brendan Fraser. Listening Library.

Inkspell is the 2nd in the Inkheart trilogy and continues the saga of young Meggie Folchart and her family, whose lives become entwined in the pages of author Fenoglio's book, Inkheart. In Inkspell, the characters spin out of Fenoglio's web and even, he, the Inkweaver, can no longer control the story.

The Inkheart trilogy is a gripping tale of suspense and adventure with the unique premise of travel within the pages of books. It is a tribute to the power of the printed word. The plot is fresh and inventive, and while Inkspell's ending is less satisfying and conclusive than the first book of the series, the cliffhanger ending will send listeners scurrying to seek out the story's ending in Inkdeath. Inkspell introduces a boyfriend for Meggie and several obscenities, which make it suitable for older Juvenile fiction readers as well as Young Adult readers.

Brendan Fraser's reading of the story is entrancing, with just the right touch of mysticism. He creates believable and memorable voices for each of the story's many characters. He cackles, chortles, exclaims, and whispers - all within character and perfectly suited to the dialogue. His narration is far superior to Lynn Redgrave's reading of book 1. (see earlier post)

Highly recommended.

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