Monday, December 14, 2009

Sophie Peterman Tells the Truth

Weeks, Sarah. 2009. Sophie Peterman Tells the Truth! New York: Beach Lane Books.

Kids deserve to know the truth about having a sibling, and Sarah Weeks tells it in Sophie Peterman Tells the Truth!

"Babies are not sweet. Babies are not precious. Babies are not cute. Babies are... YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE! Here are some true things about babies:

1. If you try to sell one, nobody will buy it.
2. If you try to pick one up, BEWARE, they leak."

(imagine the baby in a cardboard box in the yard with the FOR SALE sign, or Sophie carrying the leaking baby with a diaper hanging down to his knees!)

As if these problems arent' bad enough, WATCH OUT if

"he starts calling you something really cute because he can't say your name right..." "SOAPY!" "...and he always cries when you go off to school...You might actually start to LIKE him."

Robert Neubecker's illustrations are priceless - comically and colorfully depicting the alien newborn, complete with huge eyes and head, the fumes emanating from his car seat, and of course Sophie's alternating expressions of anger, disgust, horror, and eventually - love. Even the font is clever - changing in size and orientation, often appearing as childish scribble.

A humorous and engaging look at the age old problem of the new sibling. Loved it!

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