Friday, October 22, 2010

And Then There Were Gnomes

Venable, Colleen AF. 2010. And Then There Were Gnomes (Guinea Pig: Pet Shop Private Eye series) Ill. by Stephanie Yue. Minneapolis, MN: Graphic Universe.

Smartly written, funny, and filled with the sometimes brief,
"Little help?"
 sometimes verbose
"So there I was ...walking! And then I stopped and was like "Man, the ground is cold right here." And I stepped back and was like "Man, the ground is warm right here." And then I stepped forward again and I was all BRRRRR. And then I stepped back and was like, "It's so warm, I am going to get a tan!" It was so scary!"
comments of the inhabitants and visitors at Mr. Venezi's Pets & Stuff, And Then There Were Gnomes is the second in the Guinea Pig: Pet Shop Private Eye series. The animals speak in the language of today’s kids, and take center stage in this mystery of the haunted aisle in the pet shop. Sasspants is the mystery-solving guinea pig, Hamisher is the loquacious, but not very bright Hamster, and Mr. Venezi is the lovable, scatterbrained shop owner, who regularly mislabels the animal cages. Interesting facts on the last page help the reader discover the difference between chinchillas and chimney sweeps, hamsters and gnomes, and other common mix-ups. ;)
a spread from the first book in the Guinea Pig Private Eye series

A small, slim graphic novel, it may appear to be for the very young, but it's funny and trendy enough for kids up to 5th grade. Also available in e-book format.

Graphic Universe, a division of Lerner Publishing Group, leaves me nothing to complain about. This book is clearly and definitively classified as follows:
Reading Level 3
Interest Level 2-5
Ages 7-11
Lexile 220
ATOS 2.6
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