Monday, October 25, 2010

Guinea Pigs Add Up to 1+1=5!

Math isn't a huge topic in picture books, but there are some great ones - Math Curse by Jon Scieszka, A Million Dots by Andrew Clements, How Much is a Million? by David M. Schwartz.  Here are two new math-related picture books that recently arrived in my book bag.

First up - another guinea pig related book (is there a trend here?)

Cuyler, Margery. 2010. Guinea Pigs Add Up. New York: Walker Books for Young Readers.

If a fun way to introduce math is what you're after, this is the book for you! A cute, rhyming tale of addition from one to twenty. And what are we adding? Guinea pigs, of course!

"Then -- uh-oh -- eight weeks later,
five pets have fifteen more.
We count them -- one to twenty;
help -- guinea pigs galore!"
After the teacher finds homes for all of the guinea pigs, there's still more fun to be had when the class gets a new pet - a rabbit! Simple, playful, watercolor and pen illustrations are complemented by a comic font. Cute!

LaRochelle, David. 2010.  1+1=5: and Other Unlikely Additions. New York: Sterling.

Q: When does 1+1 not = 2?

A: In David LaRochelle and Brenda Sexton's whimsical picture book, introducing the concepts of addition, pairings, and sets.

One page shows two musicians entering separate doorways - one door marked Jazz Club, the other, Orchestra Hall. The boxed text reads,
1+1 = 6?
The following page reveals the answer,
1 duet + 1 quartet = 6 musicians!
The accompanying illustration shows all the musicians on stage with a sign reading "Double Feature Tonight!!" Other pairings include the Saltwater Reef Exhibit,
 Yes, it does.
1 octopus + 1 starfish = 13 arms!
A fun way to introduce new math concepts or practice counting!

David LaRochelle's website offers a teaching guide, coloring sheet, number hunt and lots more!
Another review @ The PlanetEsme Plan

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