Thursday, April 19, 2012

Remarkable - a review

Foley, Lizzie K. 2012. Remarkable. New York: Dial.

I often seek for a passage from a book that sums up its mood, purpose or theme. Lizzie K. Foley’s generally light-hearted writing style in Remarkable does not lend itself to finding this insightful quote. However, as I neared the end of this madcap romp through the remarkable days of the remarkable town of Remarkable, I found the passage I was seeking in the wise words of John Doe to his granddaughter, Jane, the only two unremarkable people in town,

“The world is a wonderfully rich place, especially when you’re not trapped by thinking that you’re only as worthwhile as your best attribute.”

Remarkably wise advice for brilliant people everywhere, which slyly points out the converse advice for a world full of John and Jane Does - just being ordinary can be extraordinary. That Lizzie K. Foley can deliver this important message while humorously entertaining us with a peg leg pirate, the delightfully evil Grimlet Twins, a cryptozoological lake creature named Lucky, a "townful" of positively remarkable characters, and of course, unremarkable Jane Doe, is, in itself, remarkable.

This is a debut novel for New Jerseyan, Lizzie K. Foley. Visit her website at

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