Monday, April 2, 2012

There Goes Ted Williams - a review

Tavares, Matt. 2012. There Goes Ted Williams: The Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived. Somerville, MA:Candlewick.

Whether I review a book or not, I tag it, rate it, and add it to my LibraryThing account.  LT makes it easy to sort through books by tag or date when the title escapes me and patrons await me.  I've been doing it for years, but somehow I never noticed that there is an option to add a haiku summary of each book. Once I saw it, I had to try,

Ted Williams, the best 
living and breathing baseball
Swing! it’s a home run

Of course, a haiku review leaves me no room to gush over Matt Tavares' illustrations - the green of the field just pops out at you when you begin the story - the same way that it does inside the ballpark when you exit the cool darkness of the breezeway, face the field, and step out into the open air as you head for your seat. Ah, there's nothing like it, and Matt Tavares gets it right.

Fenway Park turns100 this year. 
This photo is from my vacation in 2011.
I'm not a Sox fan, but you can't deny the greatness of Ted Williams (my aunt would have my head if I did!).  This is a stirring book about Ted Williams, but also about what makes baseball so great.  I love it! It's a home run.

One video just isn't enough.  Watch 'em both!

Opening day can't come soon enough for me!  I've already got tickets to see the Baltimore Orioles, the Durham Bulls, and the Lakewood Blue Claws - and that's just for April. 

Today's Nonfiction Monday Round-up is at Rasco from RIF.


  1. Perfect timing for a baseball book! Ted Williams was incredible. I've got the Durham Bulls on my mind as well. I need to find my way to a game this year.

  2. Yes, I guess I'm headed to your neck of the woods. Because of the movie, Bull Durham, you've got, arguably, the best-known minor league team in the country!


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