Monday, July 9, 2012

Can you find these ... ? a review

Enslow Publishers, Inc. has a new series titled, All About Nature.  There are 6 titles in the series, and they're available in paperback and hardcover.
  • Can You Find These Bugs?
  • Can You Find These Butterflies?
  • Can You Find These Flowers?
  • Can You Find These Rocks?
  • Can You Find These Seashells?
  • Can You Find These Trees?
Living near the beach, I was immediately taken by Can You Find These Seashells?, and planned to review it, but I couldn't justify taking it home for the weekend.  I knew that if I put it on display, it would make its way home with a local child.  It did, as did Can You Find These Flowers?  So, I'm left with my 2nd favorite of the bunch, Can You Find These Birds?

Bredeson, Carmen and Lindsey Cousins. 2012. Can You Find These Birds? Berkeley Heights, NJ: Enslow.

Table of Contents
Regardless of where one lives in the country, it's probable that at least several of these beautifully photographed birds will look familiar - House Sparrow, Robin, Cardinal and Crow are just a few of the nine featured birds.  A photograph of each bird is on the left side, with a simple, one page "chapter," on the facing page,

Barn Swallow
These birds zip through the air.
They catch bugs while they fly.
Barn swallows have long tails.
Their tails look like the letter V.
Downy Woodpecker
2 page spread
That's it!  Short and simple - all that a young one needs to know. 

Each concludes with "Read More," "Web Sites," "Index," as well as the book's Guided Reading Level and word count.

I don't think these are the perfect books for sharing with a large group, but I would definitely have wanted them at home when my children were small. At approximately 7"x 6", these simple nonfiction books are perfect for little hands and invite backyard and neighborhood discovery.

This series should inspire budding naturalists (and their parents!) to get outside and discover.

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  1. First let me say I think the name of your blog is absolutely delightful. Next, I am so happy I happened upon this blog today. You've given me material for my literacy and music program for the rest of the summer and perhaps even into the beginning of fall. Oh, I'm so excited I found you!

    1. Thank you, Pam. You've made my day. Lisa

  2. I love your story about putting out the book and it finding its way home with a young child. What a wonderful librarian you must be! The titles of these books are enticing... "Can You Find ..."

    1. Again, thank you. I'm going to get a swelled head today! ;)

  3. How lovely. I've always wanted to know the names of birds and my ten year old daughter remains highly interested. I'd probably try to find this book when we go back home in Singapore.

    1. My husband turned me into a bird watcher. Even wearing glasses and zipping along in a boat, he can spot a cormorant, a loon, a night heron, or any variety of ducks from a great distance.