Monday, October 15, 2012

You are Stardust - a review

Did you ever make a diorama for a school project?  Here is a book created from the likes of one (7 actually) which you've never seen before! 

Kelsey, Elin. 2012. You are Stardust. Ontario: Owlkids.

With paint and paper, cloth, flowers and fishing line, artist Soyeon Kim adds life and breath to Elin Kelsey's beautiful narrative on the connectedness, the totality, of nature.

Be still.

Like you, the
Earth breathes.

Your breath is alive with the
promise of flowers.

Each time you blow a kiss to the
world, you spread pollen that
might grow to be a new plant.

Inside your brain, electricity
stronger than lightning
powers your every thought.

You sneeze with the force of a tornado.
Wind rockets from your nose quicker
than a cheetah sprints.
What child will not be awed by the miracle that is she, she who is both infinitesimal and indispensable, she who contains the stardust of the ages?
Read it; share it.

Related resources for teachers and homeschoolers are available on the publisher's website.

And in case you're wondering - Dewey Decimal Classification 304.2 Human Ecology

Interestingly, the copyright page notes that this book received financial support from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, the Government of Canada, and the Government of Ontario - money well spent, I say.

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