Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lego Space: Building the Future - a review

No Starch Press proudly proclaims that they publish "the finest in geek entertainment."  There's no doubt about it.  Unlike when I was younger, geek is cool and No Starch does geek very well.

If you think that kids are all about digital entertainment, you're only partly correct. Judging from the popularity of Lego® programs at public libraries, I'd venture to say that many, many kids and teens (and adults!) are passionate about Lego® building blocks.  And what do kids build with their Lego® blocks at public library programs?  Space vehicles.

Enter Lego Space.

Reid, Peter and Tim Goddard. 2013. Lego Space. San Francisco: No Starch Press.

Combining quality photography, how-to-instructions, and "fan fiction," Lego Space tells the story of the years between the Sputnik launch in 1957, and the successful settlement of humans on Panduro in the 2500s (rest assured, there will be battles!).  This large hardcover is a perfect "gift book," coffee table book, or instruction manual for your Lego® and sci-fi fans.

Review copy provided by the publisher at my request. 

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up! I'll definitely be adding this to our ever-growing LEGO collection.
    Happy day,
    Melisa, "Miss Lisa," NC