Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Who Wins? - a review

From time to time, Workman Publishing is kind enough to let me check out their new offerings. Today I take a look at Who Wins?

Who Wins? 100 Historical Figures Go Head-to-Head and You Decide the Winner!
By Clay Swartz, Illustrated by Tom Booth
Workman Publishing Company, 2016

Who Wins? is similar to the Brain Quest games also published by Workman, but Who Wins?, while less portable (it's a larger size and doesn't have a plastic storage box), has two advantages over Brain Quest.

  1. From a kid's perspective, Who Wins? is more than just a collection of facts to memorize or use to challenge each other.  It's a "throw down" between historical characters using any of 50 challenges including vampire hunting, babysitting, escaping Alcatraz, and  running a Fortune 500 company - just the type of thing that's likely to appeal to gamer kids. Consider this: would Sojourner Truth's bravery serve her better than Thomas Edison's intelligence when searching out the nocturnal undead?  In short, Who Wins? is cooler than its predecessor, Brain Quest.
  2.  From an adult perspective, Who Wins? is a great tool for using critical thinking skills.  Kids must read the short bio of each historical figure; factor in their numerical ratings for Wealth, Fitness, Wisdom, Bravery, Artistry, Leadership, and Intelligence; and argue their positions using facts. Each reader is free to draw her own fact-based conclusion.

The only thing lacking in Who Wins? is the source material for the facts presented. The book's tri-section, spiral-bound format does not offer an easy place to display this information, but it would be nice to see it available online.

So, who wins?  Anyone who plays Who Wins? !

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