Monday, February 12, 2018

2018 American Library Association Youth Media Awards list #alayma

I've created a complete, annotated list of all the books and audiobooks that were honored in the 2018 American Library Association Youth Media Awards in Denver, Colorado at the annual American Library Association Conference.

Flip through and enjoy!  

If you have difficulty accessing the slideshow, you may find it on Riffle Books. []

Sunday, February 11, 2018

ALA Youth Media Awards

Tomorrow morning, I'll be watching the live stream of the American Library's Youth Media Awards.  I am a proud member of ALSC, whose members make up many of the awards committees.

You can watch the ALA YMA live beginning on February 12, at 8:00am MT.

I'm afraid that I may have missed reading many of the award winners this year, so tomorrow morning, I will be placing holds and adding to my TBR pile!

The social media hashtag for the event is #ALAyma

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Wordplay - a review

by Ivan Brunetti
Toon, 2017

I've had to wait a few months until I was allowed to post this review I wrote for School Library Journal.  If you haven't seen Wordplay yet, be sure to check it out!

★BRUNETTI, Ivan. Wordplay. illus. by Ivan Brunetti. 40p. TOON. May 2017. Tr $12.95. ISBN 9781943145171. K-Gr 2–The fun begins with the title—Wordplay—a compound word for a book about compound words. Annemarie and her classmates work on their assignment to compile lists of compound words. "How about housework?" asks a boy. "YES!" responds the teacher as Annemarie quietly giggles, imagining cheery houses vacuuming and dusting. Each new word conjures up another humorous imagining—two boys playing catch with a foot (football) or a calendar page taking a nap (daydream). Brunetti's cartoon art is rendered in a modern, intentionally naive style—largely two-dimensional, with a childlike simplicity that will resonate with the book's audience. Panels vary in size but are symmetrical and clearly delineated by white borders. Word bubbles are white with simple black text. Compound words appear in red. In addition, children of many races and ethnicities are prominently featured. As with all of the publisher's offerings, this work contains tips for sharing comics with kids and is labeled with grade, Lexile, guided reading, and reading recovery levels. VERDICT An amusing language arts lesson in a comic book format, perfect for individual or small group sharing. What's not to love?

All images and content © copyright 2007-2014 TOON Books. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2017 School Library Journal, the property of Media Source, Inc.  Reprinted here with permission.

Teachers Guide for Wordplay here.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Tilly & Tank - a review

Tilly & Tank
by Jay Fleck
Tundra Books, 2017
Tilly & Tank cover art

The basis for Tilly & Tank is a clever idea. From an artistic point of view, a tank and an elephant are similar. The elephant has a trunk, tail, and head. The tank has a barrel, flag, and turret. They recognize themselves to be similar, but are unsure of their differences. Tilly is a peaceful shade of blue. Tank is army green. Tilly assumes Tank to be a friend. Tank assumes Tilly to be the enemy. In the end, however, it's a story of friendship, and incorrect assumptions,

"Oh no! thought Tank. He had been wrong. That wasn't an enemy. That was a friend!"

While the characters are endearing—digitally enhanced paintings in a muted, but colorful palette, the general warlike attitude of Tank may take some explaining. His viewpoint is through the crosshairs of a target sight, and his early responses to Tilly's attempts at friendship are to fire at her.

Tilly and Tank will appeal to kids attracted to weaponry (or elephants!) and educators or parents seeking to reinforce the concept of peace as the alternative to war.

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