Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Waking Beauty

Wilcox, Leah. 2008. Waking Beauty. Ill. by Lydia Monks. New York: Putnam.

A preschooler just came in thinking that today was storytime. I didn't want to send her home disappointed, so I pulled out Waking Beauty, a rhyming, fractured fairy tale. We all know that the princess needs a kiss, but Prince Charming has a hard time figuring it out.

"The fairies all began to hiss,
'She'll only wake to True Love's --'

'Wait!' Prince Charming waved his hand.
'Don't worry, girls, I understand.'

And stooping o'er her snoring snout,
he dumped a water pitcher out."

The prince tries several methods, including shooting Beauty out of a cannon, before he figures out what is truly required.

"He poked her muddy, matted curls.
'I've heard that there are germs on girls.'"

The surprise ending is funny as well. Very cute!

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