Thursday, September 11, 2008


Korman, Gordon. 2007. Schooled. New York: Hyperion.

Gordon Korman was on many school summer reading lists. He's a great choice for reluctant readers and is popular with the boys. Here's a booktalk I created for Schooled.

Capricorn Anderson knows only one person – Rain, his grandmother; and together they are the last two residents of Garland Farm, an autonomous collective, a hippie commune founded in 1967. He has never handled money, gone to school, or witnessed violence. He makes his own clothes from hemp, his shoes from corn husks. He has never watched TV. But when Rain falls from a plum tree and needs hip surgery, Cap is thrust into a strange and turbulent new world – Claverage Middle School, better known to students as C Average Middle School.

As you might expect, the transition is anything but smooth. After a traumatic first week of school and life at the social worker, Mrs. Donnelly’s home, he ponders the complexities of his new world,

“Like what were those little white paper balls that I kept brushing out of my hair every night? Was there so much paper in a school that the molecules eventually clustered and fell like precipitation? And how did a pickled brain and all those other weird objects get into my locker? I thought the whole point of a lock was that no one could open it but me. I sure never put pink goo and a dead bird in there.”

When he is elected 8th grade class president, Mrs. Donnelly cannot understand it. That is, until her daughter Sophie explains,

“Duh – eighth grade president isn’t an honor, Mother. It’s like being elected village idiot. Every year they pick the biggest wing nut in the building. It must have seemed like the freakzoid dropped straight from heaven to fill the post.”

So how does clueless Capricorn Anderson become the most popular kid in the school, attend his own memorial service, make eleven hundred new friends, and still have time to pick up a supermodel? You’ll have to read Gordon Korman’s, book, Schooled to find out!

Each chapter in Schooled is written in a different voice - Cap, the school bully, the school nerd, Mrs. Donnelly, the popular girls, Mr. Kasigi the principal, and more. A humorous and insightful look at values, Schooled is a fun read!

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  1. It makes me wonder how two people choose to persist on a commune after everyone else disappears. I enjoyed your write-up.

    Thank you fior keep ing a blog