Thursday, August 20, 2009


Funke, Cornelia. 2008. Inkdeath (The Inkword Trilogy Book 3). Read by Allan Corduner. Listening Library. 19hours, 45 minutes.

After spending almost 44 hours in my car with Mo, Meggie, Dustfinger, and all the other wonderful characters in the Inkworld Trilogy, I find that they've left a big hole to fill. It's been a long time since a series or trilogy has captured my interest in the same way. The story is rich and compelling with a constantly twisting and shifting plot.

Inkdeath is a much bleaker and darker book than its predecessors, and Orpheus (who plays a large role) may be the greatest villain of the trilogy. My daughter and I agree that he's the villain that you love to hate!

My only disappointment in the final book was the narration by Allan Corduner. The first book's narrator Lynne Redgrave was fine. Inkspell's Brendan Fraser was fantastic - just the right amount of quiet mystery to his voice. Unfortunately, I found Allan Corduner's voice to be too nasal and cynical. Even Farid, who had been one of my favorite characters, comes off as a whining complainer in Corduner's rendition. If I hadn't already become attached to the characters, his reading style may have been enough to put me off. Skip the audio version for this book.
Still, the Inkworld Trilogy is a unique story with a gripping plot. Love, envy, uncertainty, hatred - Funke leaves no aspect of human nature untouched as the characters come to terms with themselves and the very nature of the Inkworld. Whether predordained or self-determined, all will find their destiny in Inkdeath.

There are plenty of rumors that Inkspell will become a movie, but I haven't been able to confirm it. New Line Cinema apparently owns the filming rights, but there's no news yet on a second installment, and of course, there's the awkward question of how Orpheus can be added since Inkheart, the movie, ended with Dustfinger safely back in the Inkworld.

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