Thursday, February 25, 2010

Free nook e-book!

So, for me, it's finally possible! Thanks to my library's participation in ListenNJ (which may now need a new name!), I can borrow e-books for my nook! ListenNJ only recently added e-books, but my guess is that many libraries around the country will begin offering the same service.

I simply browsed my cooperative's available titles and chose one. Many others must have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of e-books also, because most titles were "waitlist" only.  However, I was able to snag a Magic Tree House book for testing purposes. 

With a free download of Adobe Digital Editions, I was able to quickly and easily download the title to my computer.  I plugged in my nook and "dragged and dropped" my download into my nook.  As easy as that!

As I've said before, I don't know if e-books will have a positive, negative, or negligible effect on public libraries.  I am, however, pleased that we (public libraries as a whole) are keeping abreast of current technology, offering customers what they want, and keeping our heads out of the sand.

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