Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nana's Getting Married

Hartt-Sussman, Heather. 2010. Nana's Getting Married. Illustrated by Georgia Graham. Plattsburgh, NY: Tundra.

Nana's getting married?

"I, for one, do not approve."

Who will knit a little boy's mittens, who will bake him chewy cookies? Will everything change now that Nana is going to marry Bob? Yes, everything does change. Including Nana's sense of style! The illustrations of the liver-spotted grandma transforming from a cozy, saggy socks and sweatpants look to a high-fashion, platform Grecian sandals and bangle bracelet look are hysterical. The exaggerated heads and eyes of all the characters are expressive and humorous. Bob sports a long, white ponytail, earrings and blue jeans. Mom and Dad are a hoot as well. Done in chalk, pastels, and chalk pastel pencils, the illustrations take center stage in this delightfully funny book. And yes, it all turns out OK. Who knew that Bob could build a treehouse?

After I reviewed this book, a recently married, great-grandmother (and a stylish one at that!) picked it up off my desk and sat down in the children's area to read it.  She loved it!  Turns out she is a retired librarian as well!

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