Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The 39 Clues ...

An update on The 39 Clues series... I've fallen behind in this series that may not have been the Harry Potter blockbuster that Scholastic was hoping for, but still appears to be quite popular.  I've just finished books 4 and 5, Beyond the Grave by Jude Watson and The Black Circle by Patrick Carman as audio book downloads. Both books are read by David Pittu, who does a fine job, considering the many characters and their many diversities.  I continue to be amazed that despite being written by popular and signature authors, each book flows smoothly into the next.

A quick note on both titles:

In Beyond the Grave, Irina Spasky's character becomes more developed, Dan and Amy have their first real "falling" out, the one-dimensional Holts are (thankfully) mostly absent, and Jude Watson does a fine job of highlighting the wondrous nature and historical significance of Ancient Egypt.

In The Black Circle, set in Russia, Dan and Amy find out more about their parents, the Madrigals role becomes somewhat more defined, and the Holts reappear as major characters (though thankfully, Hamilton Holt, at least, becomes more singularly identifiable).  Also in book 5, Dan and Amy finally obtain a source of money and venture forth without au-pair, Nellie Gomez.  Bonus material is available in the audio book version.

Book 9, Storm Warning is due out in 5 days and is written by Linda Sue Park (I love her books and am looking forward to a female author's contribution to the series).

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