Monday, November 1, 2010

Veterans Day

Barely a day goes by without a preschool teacher asking me for "age-appropriate" nonfiction titles on a particular topic.  Some requests are easy - apples, winter.  Some are more abstract - community, kindness.
(Today's preschoolers work so much harder than I ever did)

Now for ages 4-6, Heinemann Library has just introduced its Holidays and Festivals series under the Acorn brand.  The books are a small 8x7 inch size and a uniform 24 pages each.  Each page contains one large photo and one or two sentences.
Rissman, Rebecca. 2011. Veterans Day. Chicago: Heinemann.

The Veterans Day title is a simple explanation of the holiday including a definition of a veteran, how we celebrate Veterans Day and Veterans Day symbols.  A calendar page (showing the date of Veterans Day), a picture glossary and an index complete the book.

There are 18 titles in the series, including Election Day, Arbor Day, Hanukkah, Labor Day and Diwali.  Not riveting reads, but teachers will like them and they can be paired with longer fiction titles for themed storytimes.

It's Nonfiction Monday again.  Today's host is publisher Capstone's blog,  Capstone Connect
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  1. Thanks for this post. I never really paid attention to things about veterans until I had to get in touch with a Vietnam Veterans outreach group to get help for someone suffering from severe PTSD. Vietnam taught us that the war and the vet are two different things. It's great to see a book for kids about these brave people.

  2. A very timely post! I need to check our school library to see if we have this title. Veteran's Day is such an important day. Thank you for visiting NC Teacher Stuff!


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