Thursday, April 14, 2011

Picture book reviews - diamond and square edition

My book bags have been overflowing!  Here are two more great choices.

I'll start with my favorite topic - you guessed it - baseball!

Abrahams, Peter. 2011. Quacky Baseball. Ill. by Frank Morrison. New York: Harper.

It's Thumby Duckling's first start for the Webbies, and they're playing rival duck team, the Quackers.  Put on your best play-by-play voice for this one,
Been a long day at the ball field.  Top of the ninth.  Two on, two out for the Quackers.  The Webbies need an out!  Here comes the pitch, and ... it's a long drive to right!  Can Thumby duckling get there?  Thumby makes the catch! Out number three.  How about that!
Line score boxes help the baseball fan follow the action.  Insets offer batting tips,
Watch the ball like a hawk- even though hawks don't play baseball.
Colorful, rough-edged artwork by Frank Morrison adds a wonderful ruggedness to the game. I will definitely be sharing this one in my baseball storytime!

Look inside Quacky Baseball.

Now we go from the baseball diamond to the square.

Hall, Michael. 2011. Perfect Square. New York: Greenwillow.

What happened when a perfectly happy perfect square was
cut into pieces and poked full of holes (?)
 It made itself into a fountain that babbled and giggled and clapped.
Each day of the week, the perfect square is crumpled, ripped, shredded and snipped; and each day it transforms itself into something wonderful. Bursting with color, this is a perfect book to teach colors or days of the week.  It's also a wonderful jumping off point for an imaginative craft.  What can you make with a square?

Look inside Perfect Square

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