Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Shape Song Swingalong

Some fun with shapes today!
Stevesongs. 2011. The Shape Song Swingalong. Ill. by David Sim. Cambridge, MA: Barefoot Books.
(with included DVD)

With the new year approaching, my thoughts turn to storytime series. I know that there are proponents of storytimes without themes, as well as those with themes. Personally, I often offer the themed variety, and I have great fun with the theme of "shapes." 

This new book from Barefoot will definitely be a new addition to my "shapes" session.  I never pass up an opportunity to dance in storytime. (I once developed an entire chicken-themed storytime just to accompany a "Chicken Dance" lesson. Next time they're invited to a wedding, they'll be prepared!)

So what's the big draw in The Shape Song Swingalong? Besides the brightly-colored, multicultural illustrations?  Why, it's the dance, of course!  A "YMCA" styled dance, featuring lines, triangles, circles and squares.

Pair this one with a few great shape-centered books, Hap Palmer's song, "Triangle, Circle or Square" song, and the opportunity to create pictures from pre-cut shapes.  Words, dance, music and art together - the home run of storytime!

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