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You're Getting a Baby Brother! (Sister!) - a review

There are many, many books about new siblings, and while many are very funny or entertaining, the ones that I usually recommend to parents are the ones that make it abundantly clear that new babies don't do much - best to keep expectations low. Two of my favorites are My Baby and Me (Knopf, 2008) and this year's One Special Day (Disney/Hyperion).

Today I received two interesting additions to the "new sibling" collection.  I say, "interesting" because 1. they are board books (although it seems that everything is becoming a board book these days!) and  2. they're not particularly well-suited for a public library.  That being said, I'm glad I have them available, and I hope they last.

Higginson, Sheila Sweeny. 2012. You're Getting a Baby Sister! New York: Little Simon.
Higginson, Sheila Sweeny. 2012. You're Getting a Baby Brother! New York: Little Simon.

These board books will appeal directly to the preschooler who is accustomed to his position as the star of the family show, and unsure about what role the future sibling may play.

It's very exciting.  Your family will grow!
But before you start cheering, there are a few things you should know.

Your brother will poop.
He will spit.
He will cry.
And you'd better watch out -- or he'll pee in your eye!
The negative behaviors, of course, are only a small portion of the book, and kids will enjoy the humorous accompanying illustrations. The reigning preschooler is reminded that babies need understanding and protection,

And if he grows up, watching all that you do, surely he'll be amazing --
for he'll be just like you!
The final two pages are designed for personalization, offering space for baby's name and a photo of the new siblings. (I hope the library's copies are returned without writing, but I have my doubts!) The brother and sister versions have variations in text and illustrations, however, the message remains the same.  You will both be loved; you have a new and special role in your family.

Short and rhyming with a multicultural cast of families, these are great introductions to a new family cast member.

Click to see a graphic excerpt from You're Getting a Baby Sister!
Click to see a graphic excerpt from You're Getting a Baby Brother!

The Nonfiction Monday is at Simply Science today.

My choice of books today is not nonfiction in the strictest sense of the word,
but factual enough for the preschool set.

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