Friday, March 8, 2019

Dog Days of History - a review

Dog Days of History: The Incredible Story of Our Best Friends

By Sarah Albee
National Geographic, 2018

In nine chapters ranging from the beginning of recorded history, through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the modern era and the present day, Dog Days of History investigates the varied facets of the relationship between humans and canines.  Whether as companions, antagonists, status symbols, or employees, dogs have been with us from the beginning.  Dog Days uses a combination of dog photos and facsimiles of period artwork to illustrate our interactions with man's best friend.

Readers will learn a variety of wide-ranging facts such as the etymology of the words "cur" and "curtailed," and which dog was once exclusive to Chinese royalty and symbolized the lion. This middle grade nonfiction title will appeal to lovers of dogs and history and also to kids who enjoy compendiums and books of random facts.  There are plenty of illustrations to break up the text in this well-researched, 112-page book.

Research Notes, Author's Note, Select Biblidography (yes, you read that right), Rufferences (someone has a punny sense of humor), To Dig Up More Sources (other books to read), To Sniff Out Places to Visit (a collection of websites), Index, and Illustration Sources round out this glimpse of dogs throughout history.

How wonderful to learn interesting historical facts through the medium of man's best friend! I highly recommend this one.

Peek inside Dog Days of History here. 

 This may not be the best advertisement for this great book, but it's cute, nonetheless.

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