Saturday, January 5, 2008

Baseball Treasures

Wong, Stephen. Baseball treasures. 2007. New York: Collins.

Well, I have to start somewhere, so I'll start with one of my greatest pleasures - baseball.

My son and I have been sharing this book aloud, skipping around the chapters - "Balls," "Baseball Cards" (we couldn't wait for Chapter 4, we had to read this one first!), etc.
Imagine our surprise as we read that one of the greatest baseball memorabilia collectors is our own family eye doctor! That explains the photos in the waiting room!

Stephen Wong has combined his obvious love of baseball with his experience in writing the adult book, Smithsonian Baseball, to create Baseball Treasures - a collector's look at balls, bats, gloves, jerseys, cards and other baseball memorabilia - pitched to fans ages 10 and up.

Art photographer, Susan Einstein's, superb photos of many of baseball's greatest treasures (including the legendary Honus Wagner card and Ty Cobb's 1927 jersey), accompany this comprehensive look at baseball collectibles. Although the cost of collecting is certainly mentioned throughout, (2.35 million for that Honus Wagner card!) it is apparent that Stephen Wong loves the game of baseball for its place in American history. Through these collectibles, he offers a glimpse into the storied past of baseball and its heroes.

A great book to read aloud with your baseball fan. A home run for baseball lovers.
I can hardly wait for my eye exam!

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