Sunday, December 7, 2008


Lynch, Chris. 2008. Cyberia. New York: Scholastic.

A booktalk for Cyberia Click for the podcast!

So, imagine it's the future - but not too far into the future. All your cool technology is now totally integrated. Your walls? High def screens. Your ceiling? It talks to you, answers you, plays your music. Your food? Ready whenever you're hungry and announced by the Scent-O-Com feed to your room. Sound great? Well, not quite. Your internal chip also displays your constant whereabouts to your parents - along with your height, weight, blood pressure, and, for crying out loud - even when you next need to use the bathroom!

Well, that' my life, and it really wasn't all that bad until Dad got me the latest in technology, the Gizzard. It's like a universal remote for my world, syncing everything wherever I go. But there was just one small glitch. My dog,Hugo. Hugo has an experimental chip called the Gristle 2.0. Our veterinarian, Dr. Gristle, installed it. He’s famous for all kinds of creepy animal experiments. And now that I've connected my new Gizzard, I can hear Hugo talk!

And that's not all - Hugo's got friends in the WildWood - lots of them; and they're not particularly happy. It seems that Dr. Gristle has been up to some nasty business; and now that the animals know I can understand them - they want me to help! Me! Suddenly I have hundreds of animal friends - although I should hardly call them friends - they won't leave me alone! Our Friend, they call me. “Our Friend, help us!’ “Help us!” They really think I can save them, but
can I?

Cyberia … a new series

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