Friday, June 19, 2009


2009. Up in 3-D. Disney/Pixar. Rated PG for Some Peril and Action.

Up is certainly not the movie that you might expect from the trailer. (That seems to be the case more often than not, lately) It is, however, a great movie! The old man, Carl Fredricksen (whose voice is that of Ed Asner) is not the grumpy old man that he is portrayed in the trailer. Rather, he is a sweet and sentimental man. His deceased wife (who we meet in a short vignette of his early life) was the one and only love of his life; he treasures her memory and the dreams of what they had hoped to accomplish together in faraway Paradise Falls, a remote South American waterfall.

When it becomes apparent that he will lose the lovely home they had created together, he decides to risk everything on a flying adventure to Paradise Falls, unknowingly carrying along the young scout, Russell. Of course, when he finally arrives, everything is not as he had dreamed.

The digital 3-D was impressive and there is action and humor enough to go around, but in the end, Up is a love story - the love of man, a boy, a bird, and a dog. There is a moral to this sweet and melancholy love story, and the moral is not so much to follow your dreams as it is to appreciate the journey. The movie may be called Up, but it is grounded in reality. Even dreams that come true do not make "happily ever after," - that is something that we must work at, every day.

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