Monday, July 6, 2009

Angels Inc.

I'm a big fan of LibraryThing (a link to my LT library is in the sidebar), and I received this book as part of their Early Reviewers program. Thanks to Tradewind Books and LT for providing a review copy.

McBay, Bruce. 2008. Angels Inc. Vancouver: Tradewind.

Angels Inc. is the club started by good friends, Wendy and Zach. Although their purpose is to be helpful, more often than not, their good deeds turn out disastrously. All is forgiven, however, when they help catch a pair of scam artists.

This is an easy reader, written for a Canadian audience. Young U.S. readers may find the occasional European spelling (neighbourhood, for example) confusing, and the use of the word, "sucker" puzzling,

"Got the little sucker!"

Sucker just isn't a word that one would usually find in a U.S. easy reader.

The plot of the story has great promise, but the delivery is a bit lacking. Some of the dialogue is not believable,

"At least your dad let you bring his new Supermow."
"He didn't know the Creech place is so overgrown. I just hope the digitally balanced rotors won't get damaged,"

and the concept of scam artists posing as donation-seeking members of the Helping Hand Foundation , in order to gain access to valuable antiques stored in garages, etc., is likely too complex for the book's target audience.

Still, the book has its funny moments, and the simple black-and-white drawings by Kim LaFave show great expression and add interest. The cover, also by Kim La Fave is very attractive and in full color.

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