Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Zoey Zone

Palatini, Margie. 2008. Geek Chic: The Zoey Zone. New York: Harper Collins.


Zoey Zinevich needs an FG (Fairy Godmother) - quick! There are only 198 days until sixth grade and Zoey is a geek, seriously in need of a major fashion makeover. Everyone knows Fairy Godmothers are specialists in instant makeovers, and

"If you're not cool by sixth grade, you are not going to live happily ever after ... The Cool Police are taking notes." (and they're using a lot of paper!)

Of course, Zoey is not without a sense of humor, despite her dire circumstances,

and she's happy to share her thoughts with you in this book of her life.
"Bring a box of tissues - or some of that pink stuff for your stomach. You're going to need it."

Full of ...BREAKING NEWS ...

"Almost-eleven-year-old now spotted outside elementary school looking like a poofy pumpkin. No fairy godmother in sight. Story at six..."

"Note to fairy godmother: Are you watching any of this?"




game shows
("Come on Down! It's time to play ....
"10 seconds before your Mother asks U a gazillion Questions!")


the heartbreaking 3-act play,
"The Lunchroom Life of Zoey Zinevich,"

Geek Chic will have you laughing out loud.

Read the book and be sure to check out the great companion website

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