Sunday, June 13, 2010

One Too Many: A Seek and Find Counting Book and Indestructibles!

One book to count and two books to chew!  Good news for tiny tots...

Marino, Gianna. 2010. One Too Many: A Seek and Find Counting Book. San Francisco: Chronicle Books.

Love it! 1 flea, 2 cows, 3 horses ... each group arriving in turn at the barnyard water trough. Wordless, but not simple, there is much to see and do in One Too Many. All of the animals are realistically illustrated, primarily in shades of black and white. It becomes increasingly difficult to spot the newcomers in the chaos of black and white creatures crowding the trough, as chickens, geese,mice, rabbits, ducks, fireflies and bats join the throng.

Spotting and counting each species will keep little eyes busy, while the keenest eyes will also note the action of the flea, adding one hop on each double-spread page, keeping count from 1-12.

When the final black and white creature arrives (accompanied by greenish fumes emanating from its tail),you can imagine that the trough won't be crowded for long! Count on One Too Many for preschool counting fun!

Check out the author's website for a look inside One Too Many. How many rabbits can you find?

They're beautiful, they're multicultural, they're chewable, they're "Indestructibles!"

While I was at BookExpo, I picked up a few of these wordless picture books.  Small (only 7"), and square, they're also remarkably thin - the perfect size for little hands. And don't call these "board books," they're only about 1/16" thick! The pages are sewn together tightly, and according to Workman Publishing, they are chew proof, rip proof, noxtoxic, and 100% washable.  Heck - you can even throw them in the dishwasher! As if that weren't enough (I'm beginning to sound like an infomercial here), they're beautiful.

Pixton, Kaaren. 2010. Plip-Plop Pond! New York: Workman.

Plip-Plop Pond! is the first in the series. The artist, Kaaren Pixton is also the mastermind behind the Indestructible concept.  Plip-Plop Pond! follows a friendly frog as he meets the other inhabitants of the pond -  a swan, a heron, salamanders and more.  Each page show the happy frog greeting a new friend.  Full of vibrant, earthy colors, there is no white space in these inviting pages.  No more than three creatures appear on each page, enabling little eyes to easily pick out the characters. 

Also in the series, I picked up Humpty Dumpty by Jonas Sickler.

Check out this cover! This  richly illustrated multicultural nursery rhyme has Humpty falling from the Great Wall of China.  But don't worry, when he falls, he hatches! Royal purples, floral cloth, and rosy skies create a rich palette evoking the exotic world of China.

Little children will eat these books up (or at least try to!)

There are 8 books in the collection.  These books are Advance Reader Copies that I received from the publisher.
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