Monday, December 13, 2010

All Aboard!

As I’ve mentioned before, barely a week passes without a preschool teacher stopping in to find age-appropriate books for the week’s curriculum. Well, here’s another series that preschool teachers and kids will be sure to love.

All Aboard! By PowerKids Press is a new series of six books featuring trains, Monorails, Passenger Trains, Steam-Powered Trains, Streetcars, Subways and Freight Trains.

Ryan, Phillip. 2011. Freight Trains. New York: PowerKids Press.

Like all the books in this series, this one is approximately 8 inches square and a mere 24 pages. Short and simple, each double spread contains a full or double-page photo and a sentence or two in a large simple font on a white background. Freight trains have a job to do. This one carries coal. The bottom of each page is bordered with lines similar to train tracks. Page numbers are also accompanied by a track icon, disappearing into the distance.

Perfect for little train enthusiasts and preschool or K-2 teachers.

The last page contains “Words to Know,” an “Index” (only 4 entries!) and a website address.

Today is Nonfiction Monday again! (the weeks go by so quickly!) Today’s roundup is at Books Together. Check it out.

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