Monday, October 3, 2011

It's Cybils time - nominate your favorite nonfiction title today!

Since today is Nonfiction Monday, I thought it a fine time to remind everyone that nominations are open for the 2011 Cybils. (Read more about the Cybils here.) 

If you're already aware, please pardon my reminder.

As bloggers, blog readers, and lovers of nonfiction, this is our chance to nominate our favorite books in a variety of categories; two are nonfiction:
  • Nonfiction for MG/YA
  • Nonfiction Picture Books
Please, nominate your favorite nonfiction title, and make sure it gets some first-round attention! I'm very excited to announce that I am a second round judge in the NFPB category.  I'm looking forward to seeing the list. This will give me a great opportunity to see titles that I may have missed, and to re-examine others.

The Cybils nomination form is here.  Be sure to read the new Eligibility Rules before nominating!
And hurry!  Nominations close on October 15th!  Spread the word!