Saturday, October 29, 2011

Paying it forward - The Liebster Award

I has an award!
 (If you're not familiar with the "I has a ..." craze, you're not spending enough time with teenagers)

Surprise, surprise!  Yesterday, I was given The Liebster Award by Nicki of Dog Ear. The Liebster Award was designed to call attention to blogs with fewer than 200 followers - under-appreciated blogs, you might say.

If you are fortunate enough to be recognized by one of your fellow bloggers with The Liebster Award, your "obligations" are simple:

  • Acknowledge your award by linking back to the blog that chose you.
  • Pay it forward by highlighting your own 5 favorite under-appreciated blogs.
  • Leave each of them a comment advising them of the award.
  • Display your award proudly.
(or something like that anyway)

So, which blogs do I feel are under-appreciated?

  • NC Teacher Stuff - I truly enjoy Jeff's thoughtful postings with an educational focus.  If I were a teacher, I wouldn't miss a day of his blog! 
  • The Fourth Musketeer - With a heavy emphasis on historical fiction and more YA than I typically read, Margo's blog helps me fill in my gaps, keeping me up-to-date. Interesting and well-written,  Margo of The Fourth Musketeer is also my co-collaborator on ...
  • KidLit Celebrates Women's History Month - Yes, I am a member of this blog but I don't feel badly in pointing it out. It is a labor of love, highlighting children's books that focus on women's history.  We're on hiatus now, but will gear up later this year to offer thirty days of stellar postings by authors and bloggers in celebration of Women's History Month 2012. 
  • Pink Me - depending on what stats you're counting, Pink Me may cross the 200 threshold, but it's a blog worth pointing out. She's also on my judging panel for Cybils, Nonfiction Picture Books. Pink Me's always keeping it real - and I appreciate that. 
and finally,
  • Thanks back to Dog Ear, whose author is a voracious reader and reviewer, offering me a place to go when I find myself without a YA recommendation - especially something dystopian, romantic, or angsty - my readers advisory shortcomings. (I can't help it if I'm a nonfiction fan!)

So there you  have it!  The Liebster Award.  Enjoy.

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