Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bigger than a Bread Box - a review

A brief review today with lots of extras...

Snyder, Laurel. 2011. Bigger than a Bread Box. New York: Random House.

Like Wendy Mass' "birthday series" books, Bigger than a Bread Box is realistic fiction infused with an element of magic - in this case, a mysterious bread box that appears to grant whatever wishes can fit inside its limited dimensions. At first 12-year-old Rebecca is delighted,but she belatedly discovers the consequence to her wishes.

Told in the first person, Bigger than a Bread Box is a unique story in which magic doesn't necessarily makes things right - or wrong, just different. Most touching in the story is the evolving relationship between Rebecca and her brother, Lew, a toddler. With no one else to turn to after her mother spirits them away to Georgia against their father's will, Rebecca "discovers" her younger brother,
The only difference was that now, when I was alone in the afternoons, I wasn't so alone. Each day I spent a little more time with Lew, and that felt different. It was like he'd been a piece of furniture before, a big doll, and now he was a person, just because I'd noticed he was.
Worth checking out.

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  1. The comparison to Wendy Mass is so apt! Both are excellent authors of magical realism.