Monday, January 16, 2012

Nonfiction Monday miscellany

It's Nonfiction Monday again.

As I'm in the midst of writing reviews of Cybils finalists that I can't post yet, this is my Nonfiction Monday miscellany missive.

For nonfiction news, I've been checking out these sites lately:
  • I.N.K. Interesting Nonfiction for Kids  - a great site written by a group of nonfiction authors - always something interesting here!
  •  Nonfiction Matters - Marc Aronson's blog, hosted by School Library Journal - news of interest to librarians interested in nonfiction (if you can't access the blog today, try again - apparently there's been server trouble @ SLJ.)
  • Another Side: American History Revisited - this site has nothing to do with children's literature, but it a brilliantly written blog by Barry Denenberg, author of (among other books), Lincoln Shot! and Titanic Sinks! Each post is thoroughly researched and offers a wealth of information on whatever topic intrigues the erudite, Mr. Denenberg.  He describes it best:
    ANOTHER SIDE is a subjective, serendipitous and idiosyncratic investigation into the evolution of words, phrases and objects in America. Its entries are unique, thoroughly researched, hand-crafted historical short stories that collectively take a kaleidoscopic alternative look at American culture. The provocative perspective is politically incorrect by design and irreverent and iconoclastic by nature.
 Do you have any "go-to"sites for kidlit-related news, not reviews?

In other news:

Politically savvy librarians and library supporters (and we all should be politically savvy - we can't afford not to be) are debating the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA).  Take time out of your busy day to learn about how these issues may affect you, your job, your children, or your students.

SOPA sounds plausible on the surface, but "the devil is in the details."  It appears that it will cause more harm than good.  As for ESEA, I believe in supporting strong school media centers. As a public librarian, I view the local school media specialists as my partners.  We are both essential components in the success of young students.

Any thoughts on SOPA or ESEA?

Next, if you haven't heard ...

Walter Dean Myers has been chosen by the Library of Congress as the 2012 National Ambassador for Young People's Literature. I love his chosen slogan,
Reading is not optional

And finally, it's MLK, Jr. Day. If you don't have to work today,
"Make it a day on, Not a day off."

Today's Nonfiction Monday roundup is at The Swimmer Writer.  Please stop by.
Nonfiction Monday will be here next week, January 23.


  1. Hi! Many thanks for the helpful links, I'd be sure to check most of them out. I've also heard about Walter Dean Myers' being selected as the New National Ambassador, and you're right, the slogan is great. Very decisive. And forceful too! :)

    Looking forward to your Cybils book finalists. Very exciting!

  2. I like the miscellany!
    Good luck with your reviews, hope it's not hard whittling down the short list.

  3. Thanks both of you for visiting. This is the first time I've served as a Cybils judge. I'm enjoying it.