Monday, September 30, 2013

Simon's Cat vs. the World - a review

Technically an adult book, Simon's Cat, like Garfield, appeals to kids and teens, too.

First published in the UK, Simon's Cat is published in the US by Akashic Books.

Tofield, Simon. 2013. Simon's Cat vs. the World. Brooklyn, NY: Akashic.
(Advance Reader Copy provided by LibraryThing's Early Reviewers program) 

A Facebook, YouTube and Twitter phenomenon, Simon's Cat is as complex in attitude and emotion as he is simple in depiction. This fat, white, bug-eyed cat views himself as the center of the world; and in Simon's Cat vs. The World, the world may be out to get him.

Each page features Simon's Cat and his adversary - chickens, static, Monday, starlings, and many, many more.  Sometimes the world wins (it's hard to look dignified in a "novelty hat") and sometimes Simon's Cat wins (mere cloth cannot keep Simon's Cat from the joyful fun that awaits inside the beanbag chair).

A page of stickers is included as are instructions for drawing several kinds of cats and a squirrel. Less cynical than Garfield, and hipper than Heathcliff, Simon's Cat is irresistible.

My library shelves Simon's Cat books in DDC 817 - American humor and satire.  I think 741.5 - Comic books, graphic novels, fotonovelas, cartoons, caricatures, comic strips is a better fit, however, either way you slice it, it's funny.

Not familiar with Simon's Cat?  Here he is on YouTube.

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  1. oh my gosh! The minute I read the review I headed straight to the library site! :) Can't wait to get this home! thanks for sharing on Non Fiction Monday -Reshama

  2. Simon's Cat has been a favorite of ours. Never thought of it as fitting into nonfiction, although I admit frequently saying, "My cat does that!" Good find!

  3. Like books of poetry and riddle books, comics are shelved in nonfiction, so I thought Simon’s Cat would be a fun addition to Nonfiction Monday. :)