Friday, February 14, 2014

1 Cookie, 2 Chairs, 3 Pears: Numbers Everywhere - a review

Brocket, Jane. 2014. 1 Cookie, 2 Chairs, 3 Pears: Numbers everywhere. Minneapolis, MN: Lerner.

This is a simple counting book from one to twenty, that features bright photographs of everyday items.  It's eye-catching, simple and attractive - showcasing the many ways that each number can be represented,

7 Can you count how many eggs in the bowl?
How many fruits in a row?
How many socks in a box?
That's right, seven.
The focus here is simple.  There are an infinite amount of ways in which any number may be represented, and numbers may be found everywhere!

For you teachers, here are the reading levels:

Reading Level: 2
Interest Level: PreK-2
Ages: 4-8
Guided Reading: I
Lexile Level: 430

In the same way that many rural folks may not relate to the city streetscape images of Tanya Hoban's books, many lower income children may not relate to the images in 1 Cookie, 2 Chairs, 3 Pears.  Lines of trendy and colorful French macarons, brightly-colored polka dot socks packaged neatly in a box (1 for each day of the week), and artist quality oil pastels (as opposed to crayons) are not typical purchases of an average family.  I don't mention this as a criticism, only as a comment.  City kids are typically taught the sights and sounds of the farm, just as farm kids are taught the sights and sounds of the city.  A child's exposure to the world writ large should not be limited by where she lives or what her parents can afford. Do expect, however, that some kids will know the familiar refrigerator magnets, fallen leaves and school clock, but will not have an immediate connection with embroidered tablecloths, needlepoint, fresh cherries, and perfectly decorated cupcakes and confections. Still it is, as I said, eye-catching, simple and attractive.  Take a look for yourself.  The publisher offers a "Look Inside"

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  1. You can't count enough at this age. We talk about reading to our children all the time, but we don't talk enough about exposing them to numbers. Thanks for the review!