Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Love is in the air - books for Valentine's Day and every day

Every February I eagerly peruse the new crop of Valentine's Day books, hoping for something new to add to my list of storytime favorites.  This year, my two favorites aren't Valentine's Day books at all.  They're books about love. And, they're not exactly new - both have old copyright dates, but have just been republished in new formats. In any case, here they are!

  • Sheehan, Monica. 2010. Love is You & Me. New York: Simon & Schuster. 

A darling, rhyming book about love between the reader and a special someone - friend, pet, brother, mother - it doesn't matter.  It's all about love!
It's just us two ... without a care.
It's what we give ... and the times we share.
The illustrations of a dog and mouse are simple, playful and joyful.  Perfect for sharing!

Note: The dedication page contains an illustration of a heart-stamped envelope, an inkwell and pen, and a mouse whose eyes urge you to fill out the envelope's "To:" and "Love:" fields, and give this book to someone you love.

  • Willis, Jeanne. 2005. Never Too Little to Love. Somerville, MA: Candlewick.  Illustrated by Jan Fearnley.
A novelty book with heavy pages of varying sizes, Never Too Little to Love tells the story of Tiny Too-Little.  He's a mouse in love with somebody, but too small to reach her,
He's too little, even on tiptoes on a teacup,
He's too little, even on tiptoes on a cabbage, 

He stacks items higher and higher. The page size shrinks smaller and smaller, each building on the page before it - ever-reaching toward the top of the book. Despite stacking all manner of household items, he cannot reach his intended and falls with a crash à la The Cat in the Hat or Ten Apples Up on Top. Such an obstacle cannot stop true love, however.  All is made well when, in a final "pop-up" page, his beloved bends down to kiss him.  She's a giraffe. Lovely watercolor illustrations are gently humorous.

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