Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Start Now and Girls Resist - audiobook reviews

Regardless of political ideology, we can all agree that the future and fate of the world is in the hands of children.

Following are two audio books with an activist theme that I've recently reviewed for AudioFile Magazine—one for older girls, one for younger children.

Click the book titles to access my full reviews which I cannot reprint here.


Girls Resist!:A Guide to Activism, Leadership, and Starting a Revolution
By Katelyn Rich
Read by Soneela Nankani
Blackstone, 2018
5.80 hours

Soneela Nankani narrates this activist's how-to guide with the inspirational power of an enthusiastic and empathetic friend.

Start Now!:You Can Make a Difference
Written and read by Chelsea Clinton
Listening Library, 2018
2.25 hours

In a style more actionable than activist, Clinton's audiobook provides early elementary students with tools to make a difference in their own lives, as well as in the lives of others and in the preservation of our planet.

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