Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Little Hoot

Rosenthal, Amy. 2008. Little Hoot. San Francisco: Chronicle.

Not the typical bedtime ritual, Little Hoot is an owl that wants to go to bed early.

"All my other friends get to go to bed so much earlier than me! Why do I always have to stay up and play? It's not fair!"

Of course, Little Hoot is an owl and owls must stay up late, but that doesn't stop Little Hoot from complaining, or "boo-whooing!" This book is full of avian and other word play, "...besides, I don't give a hoot what time your friends go to bed," Papa Owl says.

The illustrations are crisp, colorful and modern. Thought and word bubbles give Little Hoot an almost comic strip feel.

A cute twist on a nightly bedtime ritual!

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