Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Falwell, Cathryn. Scoot! Greenwillow.

Scoot! is a follow up title to Turtle Splash!
Scoot! follows the same six turtles, this time, "Down at the pond on a sunny summer day... six silent turtles sit still as stones." Falwell employs alliteration and rhyming text to document the movement of wildlife at the pond. "Wood ducks glide. Water striders slide...But the six silent turtles sit still as stones." Children should enjoy anticipating the event that will finally stir the turtles.

"Notes from the Frog Song Pond" follow the story. The author's notes include sketches, observations, and photographs from the pond, adding an informational aspect to this delightful story. The graceful artwork is collage art, however, Falwell includes a closing page on "Printing Textures, "offering suggestions for creating prints with paints and varied household items such as corrugated cardboard, cut carrot and bubble wrap.

I love the dedication, "For my dad, Warren Falwell, who sent me outside to play."

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