Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Lives of Extraordinary Women: Rulers, rebels (and what the neighbors thought)

Krull, Kathleen. Read by Melissa Hughes. The Lives of Extraordinary Women: Rulers, rebels (and what the neighbors thought). Audio Bookshelf, LLC.

This is a short (about 2 hours) compilation of the lives of extraordinary women rulers from the distant past to the present and from the United States to the Far East. Chapters are divided into the lives of the women with a follow-up section titled "Ever After," in which the lasting impact of each ruler is discussed. This is a great introduction to many famous and not-so-famous women, and listeners should particularly enjoy the little-known facts, such as how often Elizabeth I bathed (not often!) and how Golda Meir was known to do wash by hand, and interrupt meetings to prepare snacks. This is not a book for the youngest J readers; many of the rulers' numerous and varied romantic habits and interests are discussed whenever relevant. This is a useful title for students not needing a full-fledged biography, yet wanting more than an encyclopedia might offer.

Melissa Hughes' reading was not captivating, but the story of these extraordinary women is!

Subjects covered are:
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Joan of Arc
Isabella I
Elizabeth I
Catherine the Great
Marie Antoinette
Harriet Tubman
Gertrude Bell
Jeannette Rankin
Eleanor Roosevelt
Golda Meir
Indira Gandhi
Eva Perón
Wilma Mankiller
Aung San Suu Kyi
Rigoberta Menchú

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