Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Picture Book Roundup - Toddler style

The perfect combination of simple text and engaging illustrations for toddlers is more elusive than it would seem.  I am in the midst of a weekly toddler storytime series, and thought it would be fun to highlight toddler-friendly books today - one new and one old, both by prolific writers.

First up - Cynthia Rylant's newest series, Brownie & Pearl.  Although today I used Brownie & Pearl Step Out, I'll feature her latest, Brownie & Pearl Grab a Bite.
  • Rylant, Cynthia. 2011. Brownie & Pearl Grab a Bite. Ill. by Brian Biggs. New York: Beach Lane.
 Listed by the publisher as appropriate for ages 3-5, this title is nonetheless suited for toddlers as well.  Simple words and bright illustrations make this a perfect series for little listeners.  Grab a Bite is an especially good choice because everyone likes to eat!

Personally, I love that Brownie eats string cheese (enjoying the peeling as much as the eating) and that she bites her Saltines into shapes.

Since I was loosely basing my storytime on the number two, I used an older title that we had in our storytime collection.  I'd never used this board book before (we have multiple copies so that each child and caregiver can follow along in their own copy), but I certainly will again!  Toddler Two is by the very kind and friendly, Anastasia Suen - author, teacher, consultant, and organizer of our weekly Nonfiction Monday roundups.

The simple words, beautifully detailed felt art, and collection of commonplace items (tricycle, dog, ball, sandbox) make this a picture-perfect picture book for sharing with toddlers.

Q: Can it be that Cynthia Rylant doesn't have a website? 

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