Friday, February 17, 2012

Giants Beware! a review

Aguirre, Jorge and Rafael Rosado. 2012. Giants Beware! New York: First Second.
(Advance Reader Copy supplied by publisher)

Giant is a perfect descriptor for this new graphic novel.  What’s “giant” about it?

  • Claudette, the would-be giant slayer. Small in size, but with giant-sized ambition, personality and loyalty.
  • Gaston. Claudette’s little brother is a giant himself  - well, at least in culinary circles.
  • Marie, the Marquis’ daughter. She may lack a fighting nature, but she’s got a giant dose of cleverness.
  • The book. Its audience may be small readers (ages 7 and up), but it’s a much bigger size (10 x 7.5) than most graphic novels for this age group.  No squinting to see all the action in these big panels.
  • Color. Bam! Lots of it.
  • Humor. A giant helping of elementary school humor.
  • Fun.  202 quick-reading, action-packed pages of it.
  • The Baby-Feet-Eating Giant.  Of course.  You knew there had to be a giant!

Due on shelves in April, 2012.

Click for a sneak peek at pages 35-39 of Giants Beware!

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  1. This looks amazing. It is at the top of my list!


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