Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Book of Wonders - a review

Richards, Jasmine. 2012. The Book of Wonders. New York: Harper Collins.
The combination of exotic cover art and the promise of Sinbad the Sailor and other characters from One Thousand and One Nights drew me to this one like a moth to a flame. A magical adventure story from the East, The Book of Wonders is loosely based on the original tales of the Arabian Nights and features a teenaged version of the character Scheherazade.  Together, "Zardi" and her best friend, Ridhan, a boy mysteriously endowed with violet eyes and silver hair, must save Zardi’s sister, escape from Desolation Island, and free their people from the evil sultan's rule. Filled with action, magic and suspense, there’s sure to be a sequel.  This one should be popular with middle-schoolers.

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