Thursday, May 17, 2012

Firelight - an audiobook review

Jordan, Sophie. 2011. Firelight. Read by Thérèse Plummer. Brilliance Audio.

Following is my review of Firelight, the first in a romantic, inter-species trilogy, which I reviewed for School Library Journal. The review appears in the May 2012 journal.

Firelight (unabr.). 8 CDs. 9:42 hrs. Brilliance Audio. 2011. ISBN 978-1-4558-5815-6. $49.97.
Gr 9 Up--Jacinda is a draki, a modern-day descendant of the dragons of old, surviving in the misty mountains of the Pacific Northwest in the first title (HarperCollins, 2010) in a trilogy by Sophie Jordan. She's not just any draki--Jacinda is a fire-breather, the only one born to her pride in generations. Armed with her particular talent and the innate ability of all draki to shift or manifest into human form, Jacinda is special, powerful, prized. But her power and desirability have a cost. She is too important to the survival of the pride to be trusted with her own decisions. When Jacinda is promised to the pride's alpha male, her mother flees with Jacinda and her twin sister. They attempt assimilation in a small Nevada town, hiding from the pride. But when Jacinda finds a forbidden love in Will, a human in her suburban high school, she places her entire family in danger. Thérèse Plummer is cast perfectly as Jacinda. Her youthful voice switches seamlessly between Jacinda's self-absorbed, anxious inner musings and her more confident audible declarations. She is equally adept at portraying Jacinda's determined mother, long-suffering sister, the brooding alpha male, Cassian, and the tortured voice of Will. This fiery inter-species romance, fraught with anxiety and anticipation, will leave fans scrambling for the next title in the series.

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Hear an excerpt from Firelight.

Firelight news:

  • Vanity announces that Mandalay has purchased the film rights for Firelight.
  • Hidden, the final book in the series, will be released in September 2012.

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