Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday odds and ends

A few odds and ends here  - hopefully, you may find something useful.

A head-scratcher:

  • Why is Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days coming out on August 3, with an unofficial title of DWK 3?  I can see why they'd like to release it in the summer because of the storyline, but The Last Straw is book three, not Dog Days.  No matter, I guess.  Kids will like it, but it will annoy the die-hard fans, I think.


A tech-helper:

  •  Not at all book-related, but if you're mourning the demise of Picnik for creating promotional materials, etc., take heart - PicMonkey may just win you over. Give it a try.

A couple of things to bring a smile:

BTW, I keep all of my reviewed books (more than 500 of them) and others in my LibraryThing account.  You can search my books by date, title, author, "stars," etc., by accessing my LT library. http://www.librarything.com/catalog/shelf-employed/yourlibrary You're welcome to stop by and browse.


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